Om bolaget och gänget bakom BimFire Tools™

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"With fire safety and risk, we need to be far ahead of history."

What & Who

Bimfire started as a small team of fire safety designers, BIM-strategists and programmers came together. The ambition was to help the fire safety industry to unleash innovation and to give fire safety designers the power of digitalisation. Today there is also a support team as well as sales- and marketing people, ready to answer any questions you might have.

"Jag köpte mig en cheva utav Nisse i svängen idag. Den var rätt ful i lacken annars var allt det andra rätt bra"

Nisse i svängen - High-Jacker

Get the right fire safety parameters automatically in your object. Less work and secure results.

Get pre-defined and secured fire safety characteristics. Less worry and things on your mind.

Enables automatic and instant rendering of fire safety drawings and emergency escape plans. Increased control and better project oversight.