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Bimfire Suite™

Bimfire Tools™

Breakthrough work process efficiency in fire safety design that lets you integrate fully with the BIM process. Intuitive and easy to get going, with immediate results. A smarter way of working with fire safety design.

Bimfire Share™

The unbroken thread of information - Make your fire safety information visible, accessible and usable for all stakeholders in your project. Briab Bimfire Share™ enables the unbroken thread of information, which is necessary to move towards much-needed increases in efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry.

Bimfire Comply™

Briab Bimfire Comply™ digitises and secures fire safety issues during operations and facility management. The process is assured through correct and accessible models and information. Briab Bimfire Comply™ drastically improves efficiency, quality and safety by getting information right.

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