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Welcome Autumn: A Letter from the Director

Published: 2020-09-01

As we enter september there is no doubt that we are approaching autumn and leaving summer behind. The autumn of 2020 will continue on the strange path that has been the year of Corona. Our Business Director Johan Norén welcomes you back to this autumn´s challenges as well as to new possibilities.

Most of us are now back from work after our summer holidays. While some might be back in their actual office a lot of us are still working from home, making the shift from holiday mode to work mode a little more blurred. And as of today, uncertainties seem to be the new normal state.

Here at Bimfire we´re still closely monitoring our surroundings and taking precautions to make sure that our team members are safe. We will continue to work mainly from home but try to see each other at the office from time to time, to foster creativity, engagement and making sure we´re not losing momentum. In this way we hope to stay safe while still being able to offer you a great product.

On the more positive note, autumn season 2020 comes with a lot of exciting tidings. We´re excited to see what is going to happen with the Draft Building Safety Bill presented in the UK and what effects it will have on our industry. We´re also excited to keep working with our partner Symetri and to see how this relationship will evolve. Lastly we will keep developing our products, making them even better and we´re looking forward to creating new values for you.

Wishing you a great autumn,

Johan Norén
Business Director
Bimfire Software

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