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Missed our November webinar?

Published: 2019-11-13

We've held the first Briab Bimfire Suite webinar. A webinar where we gave a comprehensive demonstration of our work on digital work process efficiency in fire safety design. We are overjoyed that so many were able to join us and took interest in our work! Therefore, we can say with confidence that the industry is ready to take the next step.

With an overwhelming amount of participants from 13 countries the webinar showed that work processes with fire safety design has matured enough to take the first faltering steps into a digital world. It has further assured us that questions about fire safety design is a global dilemma that needs to be addressed.

One relevant question from the webinar is what happens when a detailed model is missing. We want to emphasize that digital processes allow for the architect and the fire safety engineer to enter the workflow whether it is for conceptual design or the detailed stages. The digital environment thus opens up for a more flexible work environment for all parties.

The new type of workflow that the digital environment allows will improve control throughout the work chain, reduce the risk of mistakes and help build lifelong, sustainable buildings. Being fully integrated in the BIM process is strategic from a business standpoint by creating an attractive work place, adds a competitive edge to your work.

For more in depth information about Briab Bimfire Suite and the functionalities in Briab Bimfire Tools, you’ll find the webinar here:

Curious on what’s new from Briab Bimfire Suite? Keep an eye out for our next webinar, coming up in mid-January 2020.