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The Unbroken Chain of Information

Published: 2020-07-27

The Bimfire team is not only developing high tech tools for the everyday use, we are also highly involved with ongoing research in the field of fire safety. To make a change, we need to break down the traditional processes and ways of thinking. By advancing research and development in the field of fire safety digitalization we break new grounds.

The Project

By initiating and taking part in research projects we will always have the latest knowledge available to us. At the same time, we also push the development of our field forwards by adding knowledge and help foster innovation, in our own hub or in collaboration with partners. One of these projects is called ”the Unbroken Chain of Information for Fire Protection” and is closing the halfway mark this summer. Last year in 2019 Briab together with Peab, a major Swedish building company, initiated a project with the aim to take fire protection to the next level by testing work methods and functionality in live projects. By looking into how we work today, we hope to better facilitate coordination with the design team while also improve communication as information is adapted to the recipient.

The project is lead by Johan Norén and Michael Strömgren, both part of the Bimfire team and with a long experience as practicing fire safety designers as well as authors to several research papers.

Briab and Peab in Smart Built Environment

The project has been running since September 2019 and plan to wrap up in the spring of 2021. A part of the strategic innovation program Smart Built Environment, funded by Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency), the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development), half of the project budget comes from contributions made by Briab and Peab. Here, experts in building, fire protection and digitalization are included in the working group.

The Unbroken Flow

Compared to the traditional workflow where fire safety information is sent back and forth between actors, a digital information flow allows data to be stored, updated, and always available in a BIM-model. This kind of workflow secures traceability and compliance over time. In this project, we will apply digital tools in a way to create these information flows for highest assurance. In an evaluation process the project will look to increase our experience base and propose how digital tools can be developed further.

Novel assurance and compliance The traditional way of ensuring fire safety buildings is changing. Compliance and assurance processes are evolving and like in other industries, quality assurance becomes a natural part of the process to achieve crucial safety objectives. By applying these principles in real projects with Peab we also flesh out the challenges that needs to be addressed from a practical perspective.

For fire safety, this means that we already in the design stages need to consider how to create a fire safety smoothly all the way into facility management. And in the end, that’s where we create true value for owners and end user.