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Brave New World: Corona Technologies

Published: 2020-04-29

In days like these we are reminded how important it is to have digital tools and technologies to rely on to get through the day. Not everyone can stay home, but for those who can, technical advances helps us to uphold routines and keep our habits in check. The Bimfire team is left wondering where post-corona will take us.

Homes become classrooms and meeting rooms make way for video conferencing. As the world is facing the global challenge of Covid -19, many parts of society has adopted new ways of life. And it makes us revalue what technology has done for us.

Because, where would we be without phones and computers, without email or the internet? Practicing social distancing becomes much simpler with these tools within our reach. It also pinpoints the need for communication and the need to share information with each other. When we aren't allowed to see each other in person it is more important than ever to practice clear communication and conversational etiquette. And it makes us realize even more that information sharing is the foundation of society and that we may complement already existing ways of communication.

The current situation forces us to be creative, while we also need to practice precaution and be responsible. Therefore, we are proud to report that one of Briab's fire safety designers performed his first digital inventory, which you can read about here . It shows that despite setbacks we're able to continue forwards.

Change is coming, wether we're prepared or not. At Bimfire we're sure that technological advancement will continue to reshape the world, but we are equally persuaded that change will need to have humanity and society in mind. Technology should allow us to communicate, to collaborate and to create. We follow with great interest the different tools that are popping up that are aiming to help us work together despite social and physical distance. Thats the kind of technology that'll help digitalisation find its full potential.