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See the Bimfire Demo, Again

Published: 2020-10-08

Wednesday the 16th of September Symetri arranged BIM Forum Sweden, a day fully dedicated to news about BIM. This year Bimfire was invited to talk about our software Bimfire Tools and show a short demo.

In addition to Bimfire, we were also treated to some Autodesk and Symetri news and demos. If you missed it you can find the link to the recording here.

In this session Niklas and Matilda talks about data management and how to operate required fire safety information. They will show you how this is done in a digital process while still not only getting the deliveries you´re used to, but so much more! Lastly, you will learn more about how to collaborate with other actors within AEC.

The talks of the day was in Swedish, but if you´re interested in knowing more in English we are happy to book a meeting with you. Video calls can be easily set up as well.