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Published: 2020-01-21

Get ahead of Thursday´s webinar and read about the speakers from Briab! They are eager to show what´s coming for tomorrow´s fire safety desgn.

Fredrik Hiort profile image

Fredrik Hiort is Senior Partner at Briab. Fredrik has previously been CEO of Briab for over 10 years and has been the catalyst in Briabs transformation from being a traditional fire safety consultant company to using digital fire safety as integrated part of the design process. Fredrik is also a fire safety engineer with almost 30 years in the business.

Niklas Strannefors profile image

Niklas Strannefors is head of Head of Digital Design at Briab and has 10 years of professional experience of BIM. He has worked for 6 years at a Platinum Autodesk reseller and educated over 400 professionals in Autodesk AEC Suite softwares. Moreover he has helped implement BIM strategy, content, support and education for a dozen of companies and was Model Manager for the design team in the New Karolinska Hospital.

Michael Strömgren profile image

Michael Strömgren is Public Affairs Manager at Briab and international renown expert on fire safety engineering and digitalization. With 20+ papers and research reports, 20+ international presentations under his belt he is a leading name within quality assurance and information management within European Standardization (CEN) as well as on BIM and Fire Safety in Swedish Standardization (SIS).