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Fire Safety and Flexible Facilities

Published: 2020-10-12

2020 has meant we have spent more time in our homes, for better and for worse. With inconvenient home offices and crowded flats, less commuting and pets entering video calls, we are certain that the way we view our home will change for a long time to come.

Being home as much as we are today, it not strange that we start to muse about how the homes of the future will develop. The cityscapes as they look today, with large office areas and shopping destinations as the most prominent occupants of our city centres, is that about to change? It is possible that when, if, we return to normal that we will do as we always did, but more likely has the workplace, and in turn our homes, changed for good.

Of course, a lot of people are not able to work from home, but the fact is that even they will be affected by those who do. As our living patterns change, we can expect whole migrations of office spaces from city centres to more flexible home solutions. This would in turn open these spaces for new kinds of uses. So how would we counter the challenges of converting traditional office spaces to new homes?

When we construct a building, it is classified according to how it will be used; as offices, public spaces, private homes or such. Depending on which occupancy class has been prescribed, different fire protection measures are taken. Simply put, depending on how people move within a building and how many, the building has different fire safety requirement. We tend to tailor fire safety for the specific occupancy and their associated risks. The drawback is the inflexibility that we create.

One idea here is that by digitalizing fire safety asset data, it may also be easier to assess the flexibility of your spaces. From a sustainability point of view, this may become crucial to reduce the environ-mental toll of our built environment.

If you are interested in how to digitize your fire safety information, we are eager to help you out.