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Bimfire Tools, next steps

Published: 2021-01-29

Here follows a short summary of the swedish press release from January 28th, in which we talk more about the next steps for Bimfire Tools.

Thursday, January 28th the latest version of Bimfire Tools was launched, a software that enables fire protection design in a BIM environment. At the same time we announced the next step in our journey, that Bimfire Tools is to become an independent operation.

Both regarding development and marketing, it is important that Bimfire Tools can live and grow on its own merits and be run separately from the consulting business. Our goal is to digitize and fully integrate the fire safety discipline into the model-based approach. To do that, we need the help of our industry colleagues. Ultimately, our vision is to create a more sustainable construction industry. To get there, the entire fire safety sector needs to become much better at taking advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation, says Johan Norén, Business Director.

Bimfire Tools is an Autodesk Revit fire protection data application. Since the launch in 2019, the team has in close dialogue with users and partners developed a new version for a better user experience and smoother design.

With our new owner Alder, who focuses on sustainability, and our well-established collaboration with Symetri and Addnode Group, we feel confident that Bimfire Tools will make its real breakthrough over the next 12 months. By bringing the industry into the digital age, we create a new, exciting environment for discovering groundbreaking ideas, concludes Fredrik Fahlén, Key Account Director for Bimfire Tools.

Fredrik Fahlén Key Account Director, Bimfire Tools 010-2038017

Johan Norén Affärs- och Utvecklingschef 08-406 66 06