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BIM 101: The BIM Coordinator

Published: 2020-10-22

In our earlier instalments of BIM 101, we have talked about the processes of BIM and the tools which you need to go digital. In this blogpost we´ll instead talk about the competencies needed for your new BIM process to be managed, or to be more precise, the competencies of the BIM Coordinator.

The role of the BIM Coordinator is not clear cut, in fact it’s quite multifaceted. Different organisations as well as different countries have different needs, and different BIM Coordinators will have different priorities and focus areas. In general terms, the BIM Coordinator coordinates. They manage the processes of modelling and execution of a project, meaning designing models, managing data and supporting the project design team.

The background of the BIM Coordinator can be varied and includes but are not limited to architecture, engineering, CAD or tech support. Most people in this role today didn´t start out as BIM Coordinators but ended up in it by different circumstances. What they all have in common however, is a strong understanding of BIM, advanced coordination and communication skills and greater knowledge of construction work processes. Other skills that might be good to have if you´re looking to become a BIM Coordinator or planning to hire one is:

  • Knowledge about BIM methodologies and workflows.
  • Likes solving problems and are keen to automate repetitive and menial tasks.
  • An understanding of several 3D- and modelling softwares, like Revit and Tekla.
  • Pedagogical and educational skills necessary to explain BIM processes to less experienced team members.

So if you´re curious on becoming a BIM Coordinator in the future, don´t worry if you don´t have the correct education or credentials. Because there isn´t really any right way to go, you can find your own!

Move to BIM integrated fire safety

Are you a BIM Coordinator wondering how to include fire safety engineering into your projects? We are more than happy to help you out.