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BIM 101: Autodesk Revit

Published: 2020-09-03

When we talk about BIM we often also talk about Revit. Does this mean that BIM and Revit are the same? And if not, how do we distinguish between the two? In this text, we´ll explain what Revit is and how it relates to Building Information Management.

Building Information Management

For a more thourough introduction to BIM, you can read the first post of our BIM 101 series. The key take away when discussing BIM is that information is crucial, the work flow of managing information to be exact. BIM is the process in which building information needed during construction is assimilated and kept up to date. So while BIM is a concept, a work flow, we need tools to support this concept. One of these tools could be Autodesk Revit.

What is Revit?

Revit is software for AEC-industries that allows for 3D-modelling of buildings and structures. Revit is also 4-dimensional building information modeling, in which the 4th dimension refers to time. The BIM process enables information management by linking 3D objects and Revit is the software which creates the data based model of architectural design, structural design, and MEP design. This means that Revit enables projects to plan the physical activities while visualizing critical paths of a series of events.

One reason to why stakeholders might prefer to use Revit in their projects is because of the visualization properties. This visualization combined with constantly up to date information allows for a comprehensive and accurate visual of how a project is progressing, and allows for a stronger foundation of which stakeholders base important decisions.

Most common Revit users are architects, structural engineers, and contractors the tool could also be used by landscape architects, MEP-engineers and designers. We have introduced our software Bimfire Tools in an effort to help the fire safety engineers to be a part of this group as well.

Are you new to Revit but want to know more? Our frends over at Symetri are happy to help you out.

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