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Behind Bimfire: Part 1

Published: 2020-04-22

What is Bimfire Suite, and where does it come from? The founders of Bimfire are fire safety designers who were curious on how the future could look for their own discipline.

The first idea for a digital workflow came after an initiated research project about an unbroken chain of information. What would happen to the construction sector if fire safety information was carried all the way: from design to facility management? BIM is allowing information to be traded and shared without getting lost over time and space, but fire safety designers have mostly been standing outside of the BIM process.

The first step towards the digitalization journey is Bimfire Tools, a Revit plugin that allows fire safety designers to work and share information straight into the BIM-model. The purpose is for the fire safety designer to be a part of the design team, to collaborate and keep continuing communication with the other disciplines. This way of working allows for higher precision and fewer misunderstandings.

Behind Bimfire is a small team of fire safety designers, CAD-illustrators, programmers, BIM-strategists and one or two sales and marketing people. Our fire safety designers have many years of experience as fire safety consultants and they are working hard with the rest of the team to make sure that Bimfire Tools is helping you get into digital workflows.

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