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Webbinarium 28 Jan On-Demand

Om du missade webbinariet den 28 januari så kan du nu se det igen, när du vill! Webbinariet anordnades i samarbete med Symetri.

Så lyckas du med din BIM-implementering

Att digitalisera innebär att integrera IT-lösningar för att förbättra, effektivisera eller stärka en verksamhet. Detta kräver mer än tekniska lösningar.

3 myter om brand i BIM

Steget från traditionell projektering till digitala arbetsflöden är faktiskt inte så stort. Tillsammans med Erik Almgren från Bengt Dahlgren krossar vi tre myter om brand i BIM.

Bimfire Tools, next steps

Here follows a short summary of the Swedish press release from January 28th, in which we talk more about the next steps for Bimfire Tools.

Bimfire Tools tar nästa steg

PRESSMEDDELANDE: Bimfire Tools tar nästa steg i sin varumärkesresa. Samtidigt lanserar vi ny version av mjukvaran och ny produktsida.

2020 Wrapped, 2021 Predictions

With a very strange 2020 behind us, we look at what 2020 brought us and what 2021 will bring. And what we bring to 2021.

PRESSMEDDELANDE: Bimfire mest innovativa PropTech-bolag

Under Business Arena Stockholm den 8 december korades vinnarna av det nya priset BA Tech Awards. Bimfire utsågs till mest innovativa PropTech-bolag!

Bimfire Suite Winner of Swedish PropTech Award

We are very proud to announce that Bimfire is the winner of BA Tech Awards in the category of most innovative proptech companies!

Bimfire Suite vinnare av BA Tech Awards

Vi är väldigt stolta över att få meddela att Bimfire är vinnaren av BA Tech Awards i kategorin mest innovativa proptech-bolag! Vi är väldigt glada och stolta.

Flexible Facilities Pt. 2

Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning has been assigned to investigate how rules can be changed so that buildings can be used in a more flexible way.

Digitalisering och BIM i ropet

Vår natur är i ständig rörelse. Den växer och utvecklas . Vi anser att vår byggda miljö, våra städer och våra hem, är lika levande.

Case Study: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg “Willy Brandt“

From grave mistake to learning opportunity. The very expensive lesson of the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport helped Germany become world leading in BIM application.

Bimfire Nominated as Most Innovative Proptech

We are proud to announce that we have been nominated by Swedish Business Arena Tech Awards as one of the most innovative prop tech companies right now!

BIM 101: The BIM Coordinator

We continue our BIM 101-series with looking more closely on the BIM Coordinator. Who is it, and what to they do?

Fire Safety and Flexible Facilities

This year working from home is the new standard. But how can this affect our living situations, and what does fire safety has to do with it?

See the Bimfire Demo, Again

If you missed Bimfire Tools on BIM Forum, now you can see it again, together with all the other session. Don´t miss the latest news about BIM.

3 Questions: Michael Thydell

One of the most experienced experts in applied BIM in Europe, Michael Thydell comes with interesting and enlightening perspectives.

The New Homes Ombudsman

Take a closer look on the history and the etymology of the Ombudsman and learn about it´s central role in the relationships of citizen and state institutions.

Draft Building Safety Bill Summarized

In July the Draft Building Safety Bill was published for review and feedback. We have summarized the most important points for you here.

BIM 101: Autodesk Revit

In our new chapter of BIM 101 we talk a little bit about Revit and how it relates to BIM. Check it out!

Bimfire Tools on BIM Forum Sweden 2020

On September 16 BIM Forum Sweden 2020 is held and the day will take you through what´s new on BIM. This year, you´ll also get a closer look at Bimfire Tools. Catch us there!

Welcome Autumn: A Letter from the Director

Our Business Director Johan Norén is welcoming you back from the summer holidays. Here he muses about the upcoming challenges and possibilities that this autumn might come with.

3 Questions: Mathias Huth

Our next interview installment is Mathias Huth, BIM expert and independent consultant helping construction suppliers to enter digital work processes.

3 Questions: Rebecca De Cicco

With her keen interest in how the digital process impacts the built environment, Rebecca De Cicco, Digital Node CEO, and Founder of Women in BIM, was an obvious interviewee.

BIM 101: Digital Twins

Take the opportunity to learn more about the advantages of digital design in this piece about digital twins.

The Unbroken Chain of Information

An halfway update about the research project "the Unbroken Chain of Information". The project aims to take fire protection to the next level by testing work methods and functionality in live projects.

3 Questions: Magdalena Pyszkowski

Our next interview gives us a sneak peak of what´s going on in the manufacturing sector and what we can learn from them in a BIM perspective.

New heights for timber construction when fire safety goes BIM

Timber is renewable and environmentally friendly, but it is also flammable. We´re looking into how a digital future would let timber construction thrive.

3 Questions: Frank Sheiakh

Because of his technical expertise and experience, Frank Sheiakh is the perfect stop in our interview series.

Symetri and Bimfire Software in collaboration

We´re pleased to announce we have entered an official partnership with Symetri. Read all about it here!

Remembering Grenfell

On this day we remember the Grenfell Tower fire and the people who were affected by the tragic disaster.

3 Questions: Daniel Monsén

Daniel Monsén, being a senior BIM advisor with a lifelong dedication to data modeling and digital design, was a natural choice as we continue our interview series.

Building Information Modeling 101

Still not sure what BIM is all about? We´ve written this BIM 101 for everyone who want to know more about digital design.

3 Questions: Nicholas Alvén

The third installment in our interview series. Don´t miss our chat with Nicholas Alvén! And don´t forget to keep coming back for more.

Strömgren Chronicles: The road to 5G of the fire safety industry

Michael Strömgren, expert on digital fire safety engineering and part of the Bimfire team. That´s cool. What´s also very cool is that he sometimes shares what he does during he days with us.

Behind Bimfire: Fire protection as a part of the BIM process

The next part in Behind Bimfire! The idea of digital fire safety design came into being after a project study back in 2018. This is what was said back then.

3 Questions: Nina Borgström

Next part in our interview series is Nina Borgström, who shared her thoughts and experiences on digital design and the construction sector.

3 Questions: Matilda Weyler

First out in our new interview series is Matilda Weyler, Bimfire Tools super user and model manager at Briab.

Brave New World: Corona Technologies

How do we adapt when change is forced upon us? Some thoughts on how to conquer change and face challenges when things get hard.

Behind Bimfire: Part 1

We present to you: a short look into the Bimfire story and the team behind. The origin story of Bimfire Suite and digital fire safety. Part 1.

Co-Creation Key for the Future of Fire Safety

While personal and emotional losses are immeasurable, we can measure the monetary value that uncontrolled fire costs us each year. What does the numbers tell us about today´s fire safety?

Then, now and ahead for the fire safety engineer

The times they are a-changin'. For the fire safety engineer, the times have actually been the same for quite a while. Until now.

Bimfire is still up and running

Due to the Corona virus, many of us might be wondering how eventual or actual quarantines are affecting us. When it comes to Bimfire, quarantine should not affect at all.

Strong Stakeholder Values Found in Digital Fire Safety

In January we streamed the webinar ”Digitalization of Fire Safety Design”, arranged with Symetri Europe. Read more about how the world is ready to engage with digital fire safety design.

BIM and Digital Workflows on SFPE Webinar

Bimfire pioneers are visiting SFPE Webinar Series to discuss the impact of digitalization of fire safety design and the future for the fire safety engineer. Catch them on your computer March 2nd.

3 Ways BIM Will Boost Your Business

Read in on how including fire safety design in the BIM model is not only the future for safe buildings, but for safe business as well.

Digitalization in Fire Safety Design: See it Again

Did you miss the webinar we aired with Symetri the 23rd of January? Don´t you worry, you can see it again whenever you´d like.

Meet our Speakers

Each on their own are experts in their field, and together they´ll give you an overview of what you need to know about digital fire safety design. Meet our webinar speakers!

Join us for our next webinar on January the 23rd

Curious on what´s next for Bimfire and our work with fire safety design? Join our next webinar to learn more about why we have chosen to move fire safety engineering into a digital environment.

Symetri and Briab in joint research collaboration

Can digital tools ensure that buildings are properly constructed from the outset? We believe that they can, and that it will be a necessity to avoid serious events like the fatal Grenfell Tower fire.

Missed our November webinar?

Did you miss the first Bimfire Suite webinar? We demonstrated how our tools improve the digital work process of incorporating fire safety design in construction projects. Watch it (again) here!