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3 Questions: Matilda Weyler

Published: 2020-05-06

We´re proud to present the first part of our interview series, in which we talk to people who has something to say about BIM and digital design. There are a lot of people out there with clever ideas and we´re eager to get to know them. First out is Matilda Weyler, project designer at Briab.

Matilda started her career as a fire safety engineer during her studies at Lund University when she participated in Briabs summer trainee program. From there she continued to not only become a project designer, but today Matilda also works as a model manager and is responsible for the BIM-projects at Briab.

Why did you first get into digital design and digitalisation processes?

I was early on interested in CAD programs, during my studies I used SketchUp a lot for fun for example. And then as soon as Briab started talking about trying digital tools I was very clear with that this was something I wanted to be a part of. It was not a random accident, rather I was pretty pushy about me wanting to try BIM-design.

What do you think will happen when fire safety design becomes BIM integrated?

As fire safety designer are more integrated with the BIM process, we become a more natural part of the design porcess. We, among with a few other disciplines are right now standing on the side, coming with instructions that the design team will have to adapt to. I think by working in BIM, instead of simply doing selective measures the fire safety designer becomes an active part in the design process.

I also hope that we will become even better engineers and improve our problem solving abilities. Today I feel like we´re stating and pointing out how things should be and then it´s up to the design team to fix eventual problems. I hope that we would be a part of the problem solving process instead

What do you see as the single most important benefit with digital design from a societal perspective?

I think the greatest value of BIM design is that we will end up with fewer mistakes, as the risk for misunderstandings will decrease. Be taking an active role in the process we will be able to see if there are misunderstandings much earlier and are able to correct them in the digital model instead of during construction like it sometimes is today. Fewer mistakes and better design, basically.

In addition to being a project designer and model manager, Matilda is also a Bimfire Tools superuser. Are you interested in trying out Bimfire Tools? Get your free trial here.