Bimfire Tools™

for Revit users

Breakthrough work process efficiency in fire safety design that lets you integrate fully with the BIM process. Intuitive and easy to get going, with immediate results. A smarter way of working with fire safety design.

  • Developed by fire safety design experts – 38 years of proven performance
  • Frees up time for better use - Up to 70% less time spent
  • Speeds up the process - Automated and streamlined workflow
  • Improves team communication – Reduced risk of inefficiency in collaboration
  • Intuitive and easy to use - Waste no more time, get started today
  • Minimises workload – Drastically reduced repetitive manual tasks
  • Impact on sustainability – Enhanced fire safety from start to finish
  • Adds quality assurance - Get it right the first time

Get the right fire safety parameters automatically in your object. Less work and secure results.

Get pre-defined and secured fire safety characteristics. Less worry and things on your mind.

Enables automatic and instant rendering of fire safety drawings and emergency escape plans. Increased control and better project oversight.

BIM level

You can use Bimfire Tools™ independent of you project´s level of BIM. Bimfire Tools™ supports all BIM levels.


you can easily and automatically create fire compartments and set the fire safety requirements in Revit.


You can create a fire model displaying critical fire safety information and visualize the fire compartmentation in 3D with Revit families.

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