The Bimfire Initiative

Our Vision

By reshaping fire safety design, we aim to enable co-creation within the design process and beyond. With a real, unbroken chain of information you'll be sure you'll have the right data and correct level of compliance. It is time that we go digital and get things done the right way, from design to operation.

Our goal is to change the industry for the long haul. We construct buildings to last for many years, decades, even centuries. We believe fire safety measures should be treated this way.

Breaking Silos

The Bimfire initiative aims to break the traditional silos and putting the pieces together in an unbroken chain of information. The right data becomes available at the right time for the stakeholders, giving them the opportunity to communicate, operate and co-create efficiently. The failures of yesterday become the opportunities of tomorrow. We go from a reactive mindset to a proactive one.

Value Driven Workflows

Bimfire unleash the power of value-driven workflows, with a sound risk control that gives you transparent audit trails, assuring both quality and regulatory compliance. Our digital platform makes sure that you reach all needed safety measures.